Bogus Basin Mountain Recreational Area Summer Operations start this weekend!


Notice the updated operating hours!  Now officially 11:00 to 19:00


We will be supporting the mountain as they really grow and expand their summer offerings.  It should be an exciting summer season.  Expect dynamic changes as we learn and grow along with the changing mountain operations.


Summer Chair Ride


This year the Patrol will be supporting mountain operations on Saturdays and Sundays.  Summer volunteers must pre-schedule to earn credit towards a summer lift pass and to count as a patroller day. Plus!, scheduled patrollers get 50% of on meals.  On days that you volunteer, your family will be able to come up and ride the lifts for free!


A maximum of 5 volunteer days will count towards your total annual duty day commitment.  Of course, you may volunteer for more than the 5 days.


You do not need to be a mountain biker to participate in the summer operations!  We need hikers and aid room staff as well.  And, if you are not a Bogus Basin Ski Patroller, but have an EMT certification and mad biking or hiking skills, we want to talk with you!



If you would like to volunteer this summer please contact the BBSP Summer Patrol Coordinator



Patrollers, please check the new "Blast" section in the "Members" area for new info on the summer schedule and sign-up link will be posted shortly, so block some weekends out on your calendar now!


Procrastinator Alert! Only 81 days until refreshers.

Mark your calendars, first refresher date is 16 Sept 2016 at the Pioneer Lodge, Bogus Basin Mountain Recreational Area


Refresher Cycle A 2017


Bogus Basin Ski Patrol OEC REFRESHER—2017—CYCLE A 


Tentatively scheduled as follows:

Saturday, 16 Sept 2017 - On The Hill Refresher 07:30 - 16:00

Sunday, 17 Sept 2017 - OEC Refresher @ St. Lukes Meridian 07:30 - 16:00

Saturday, 30 Sept 2017 - OEC Refresher @ St. Lukes Meridian 07:30 - 16:00

Sunday, 1 Oct 2017 - On The Hill Refresher 07:30 - 16:00


Download OEC Refresher Cycle A Workbook here.


OEC Refresher Workbook – The workbook has been mailed to all members. If you did not get yours, you might want to check your address in the NSP system. It is also be available for download from the NSP website – Member Resources, Education Resources, OEC. Note that completing this workbook is required prior to attending any refresher, and is taken to the refresher. The IOR might not let you in without it.

Online Component of the Refresher – For those doing the Hybrid model of the refresher, or for those members who simply want to do a bit more studying in another format, the online component should be available no later than July 1. Note – this is only required for those who are taking a Hybrid model refresher, and is to be done prior to attending the skills portion of the refresher. Do not forget to print your completion certificate and take it to the refresher with you and turn in to the IOR. The IOR might not let you in without it.

Course Enrollment - Make sure that you ‘enroll’ in the refresher you will be attending via the NSP website before the date of the refresher. If you don’t enroll you will not get credit, regardless of if you attend/complete the course or not. Watch the Course Schedule on the site, and this webpage, to see the course offerings as the courses become registered over the summer and fall. Please pay attention to the ‘notes’ that the Instructors post related to details for their course. There are already courses registered for next fall. Kudos to those instructors who have planned ahead and started the process.

Refresher Instructors Guide - The Refresher Committee plans to complete this by June 1. It will be available to OEC Instructors via the website shortly thereafter. Your instructors put in a lot of time planning quality refreshers for you. Please do some homework and go to your refresher prepared to show your quality skills and knowledge of each subject. And before you end your refresher day…. Thank the instructors that put in extra time to help you be the best patroller you can be.

Kelley Creamer Patrol Director
Kalen Swan Senior Assistant Patrol Leader
David Fudge Assistant Patrol Leader
Bob Overstreet Assistant Patrol Leader
Alyson Boldon Treasurer
Melanie Smith First Aid Chair
Gary Clawson Toboggan / Transportation Chair
Denise McLaughlin Member At Large
Kevin Hudson Member At Large
Omar Fricke Area Liaison


We're a different breed.


When it comes to being a ski patroller, there is no mold. There are, however, some common traits that all patrollers share. National Ski Patrol members have a strong desire to help others, learn emergency care techniques, improve their skiing and snowboarding skills, and enhance the safety and enjoyment of snow sports for all. Sound like you? Read on to learn how you can join our elite team.


First on. Last off.


Bogus Basin Ski Patrol members support their area management in preparing the mountain in the morning, rescuing and caring for injured guests throughout the day and making sure everyone gets down safely when the mountain closes. Sure it’s a long, action-packed day, but there’s nothing more rewarding than putting in a hard day’s work while having a good time and making lifelong friends in the process. Besides, it sure beats sitting in an office cubicle all day!


Learn new skills and put them to the test.


National Ski Patrol education programs offer you the chance to obtain world-class training. Learn about emergency care practices, search and rescue techniques, avalanche control, mountaineering, toboggan handling and many other interesting and essential skills. The most rewarding part is taking what you learn and putting it to the test on the slopes.


Are you up to the challenge?


Take your passion for snow sports to the next level by attending an applicant-screening day where you are invited to work with your local patrol. This is your opportunity to learn more about how the patrol operates and what is expected of its members, as well as a chance for the patrol to evaluate your individual talents and abilities. Simply contact the patrol director at the ski resort of your choice to find out when they will be holding their applicant-screening day and get the complete details. Although the needs of each patrol vary, we can help put you in touch with the patrol representatives/directors in your area.


So how do I join the Bogus Basin Ski Patrol?

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 patrol year. This year's class is full but we would like to ski with you this winter to start the candidate process for the 2017/2018 season. A candidate will invest a full year in training and successfully pass all of the training disciplines before being selected and become a voting member of the patrol.


Click to fill out our online application.
Ski Skills Evaluation.
Join us on the hill on to show us your ski/riding skills. If you are sufficient with our minimum skill level, we’ll invite you to join us for Step 3, SWAP. Please print & complete the following waiver prior to participation.
Join us on the hill for a day of familiarization as you Ski With A Patroller. We’ll pair you up with one of our patrollers and give you a first hand look into a day in the life of patrolling.
OEC Course.
Our Outdoor Emergency Care course runs from April – June in Boise and will teach you the necessary first responder skills you’ll need to help patients on the hill.
Fall Refresher.
Join the rest of our Patrol during a weekend in September to participate in our annual OEC Refresher and On-the-Hill Refresher.
On-the-Hill Training.
Weekend training includes application of OEC skills in an outdoor winter environment and teaches you the necessary Ski & Toboggan skills required to transport patients off of the mountain.
The Vote.
Upon completion of your On-the-Hill training, the Patrol will vote to make you a member of the Patrol as an official Ski Patroller.


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