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2018/2019 Ski Seasons Starts Saturday, 8 Dec 2018!

Great early season snow conditions and excited snow sports enthusists mean we will need to be on our game as the season gets under way. Expect cold temps and clear days so dress warm. Keep up your snow dancing! Local weather news is that Bogus may get up to 18 inches of new snow over the next 10 days. Check the eBlast page for information on more upcoming events.

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It Seems Like Closing Was Just Last Week!

Summer was a blast and Summer Operations a huge............huge success! But, the days are starting to cool a bit so fall is around the corner and with fall comes our OEC class for our candidates and Bogus Basin Ski Patrol's Fall Refreshers. 

  • The BBSP OEC class schedule is on the BBSP.org calendar with the first class meeting on 6 Sept 2018. We are running a hybrid OEC class which means few lectures and lots of hands on skills training and evaluations. Patrick Arnold is the instructor of record so if you have any questions, he is the answer man. (Course P004180002)
  • Fall refreshers are on the calendar as well with the first OEC session happening on Saturday, 6 Oct 2018, (Course P004180003) at the Meridian St Luke's basement. On-the-Hill refreshers, Sunday, 7 Oct 2018 will be in the JR Simplot Lodge this year. The second On-the-Hill session will be Saturday, 27 Oct 2018. The second OEC refresher is Sunday, 28 Oct 2018, (Course P004180004) again, at St Luke's Meridian. Melanie will be the instructor of record for OEC refreshers so if you have any questions or would like to assist she is who to call.

Please go to the NSP.org website and sign up for your OEC Fall Refresher as soon as you can. 


Idaho Gives! What a Success! 

Bogus Basin Ski Patrol recieved $995 from just 15 donors. Mega thanks to each and everyone who gave. Check out the Idaho Gives website, 
www.idahogives.org/organizations  and look at how well other organizations fared with their fund drives.

Kelley Creamer Patrol Director
Pam Carson Senior Assistant Patrol Leader
Thomas Moore Assistant Patrol Leader
Arleen Kotter Assistant Patrol Leader
Carol Peterson Treasurer
Melanie Smith First Aid Chair
Toboggan / Transportation Chair
Denise McLaughlin Member At Large
Kevin Hudson Member At Large
Omar Fricke Area Liaison
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