Same as you…we put away our skis and boards and take out our mountain bikes and hiking boots. Because it’s SUMMER SEASON at Bogus. And a whole new string of adventures begins. As patrollers, we train for year-round service. Our classification is Outdoor Emergency Care technician, our motto is Service and Safety, and we strive to keep you safe.

But first of all, we tend to some patrol building repairs.

IMG 1471

Then we put out our welcome sign.

IMG 1502

We check out the trails to make sure they are ready for you. Along the way, we stop to enjoy the flowers.

IMG 7068

We give the lift operators a smile as they test the unload process. We want to make sure those bikes are coming off the lift as expected.

 IMG 1585

Everything checks out! We are ready for you. Join us for summer fun on the mountain.

IMG 1470

Enjoy the music on the mountain, and don't forget to stop for some food and beverages on our patio.

IMG 0794

See you on your mountain.

Your Bogus Basin Ski/Bike Patrol

Denise McLaughlin Patrol Director
Pam Carson Senior Assistant Patrol Leader
Ben Jarvis Assistant Patrol Leader
Melanie Smith Assistant Patrol Leader
Carol Peterson Treasurer
Melanie Smith First Aid Chair
Toboggan / Transportation Chair
Joe LaGue Member At Large
Tim Coggburn Member At Large
Omar Fricke Area Liaison

Senior Program

The Senior Program is designed for NSP members who aspire to the upper levels of skiing/snowboarding and Outdoor Emergency Care proficiency. It provides a forum in which patrollers can enhance personal skiing/snowboarding and toboggan-handling proficiency, improve their ability to manage OEC scenarios, and expand their patrolling knowledge and skills. The Senior Program is also excellent preparation for patrollers looking to move into leadership roles in the NSP. The Senior Program consists of core and elective requirements designed for alpine patrollers, Nordic patrollers, and other patrollers, with variations for each discipline.

For additional information contact:

 Pam Carson, Senior APL BBSP/Southern Idaho Senior Coordinator

1619234 10151973097157267 1972273073 n

2018/2019 Ski Seasons Starts Saturday, 8 Dec 2018!

Great early season snow conditions and excited snow sports enthusists mean we will need to be on our game as the season gets under way. Expect cold temps and clear days so dress warm. Keep up your snow dancing! Local weather news is that Bogus may get up to 18 inches of new snow over the next 10 days. Check the eBlast page for information on more upcoming events.

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