Thank you to all the folks that have volunteer so far this season for the Summer Patrol.  We have been very busy and learned a lot in our 3 weeks of operations.  Our focus this summer is on safety, risk mitigation and guest services.


To date, 17 incidents have been processed in our SIPP system.  This does not even cover all the Band-Aids and minor cleanups performed on the mountain!  We have had two life flight incident and the team performed admirably to respond to our patient in an expedient manner, identify injuries, secure the patient to the backboard and gurney and transport to the lift evacuation zone.  We had great support from the mountain management team for watering down the LZ and assisting with the patient and traffic control.


The pro staff has been taking on a large task of digging and placing all of the directional, trail name, trail crossing and warning signs.  This has meant a lot of hiking with equipment to dig in our granite infested mountain.


We are receiving a lot of excited and happy grins from the guests.  We are constantly greeted with high fives and thank you’s for being out on the mountain.  Some of our patients have even requested photos of those that have assisted them!  If you want to be rewarded with big smiles, this is the place to be.


We still are in a deficit for staffing in July.  If you can help out on July 22nd, 23rd, 29th or 30th please notify Denise.  She is now taking schedule requests for the months of August and September!  Please email your schedule request to Denise McLaughlin. If you have already signed up to volunteer, Denise has your lift pass and discount cards printed.  When you are up on the mountain you will be able to sign waiver forms and get your passes. 

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